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A Prenatal Fitness Revolution



A revolutionary

Prenatal Fitness Concept



The time has come for a prenatal fitness revolution. 

 We are tired of workouts that treat pregnancy like an illness or put our bodies and babies in compromising positions.  Your existing workout shouldn't just be modified for safety.  We believe that mothers-to-be and new mothers should train differently. 

Our workouts are safe, vigorous and they will increase your fitness level for a stronger pregnancy and a faster postpartum recovery. The classes are intentionally kept small so that our experienced instructors can keep a close eye on every participant. Think of it as personal training together with your community of like-minded women. 

Empowering your mind and body for pregnancy, labor, delivery and beyond.





45 min of music pumping, pregnancy safe, low impact, high intensity, full body strengthening, toning and stretching!  We value your safety by offering multiple levels of modifications, a small class size, a hands on approach and a friendly environment to welcome questions.  It’s like having your very own personal trainer in a group setting.  (We recommend taking “Pump & Kegel” before taking this class)


This 45 min class is meant for those days during your pregnancy when you aren’t feeling 100% but still want to put some movement into your body.  We spend more time on the floor and take our exercises at a slower pace as we integrate strengthening with stretching and relaxation.  (We recommend taking “Pump & Kegel” before taking this class)



Our trademarked “Pump & Kegel” class teaches you the foundation to all of the FPC workouts.  This class enables you to take all your other workouts to the next level.  By learning to properly integrate your entire core, you will be able to move through your pregnancy with more strength, less aches and pains and bounce back to your pre-baby body faster.  This is the perfect class to get to know our method, ask specific questions about your body, and integrate yourself into our fitness community. 




A new mother, pre/postnatal corrective exercise specialist, certified personal trainer and pilates instructor, certified holistic health coach for moms and mamas-to-be, creator of "BodyBond", professional dancer and die-hard city biker. 

Joanie moved to NYC in 2005 with a dance degree and a dream. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband, daughter and the world's greatest dog, Maurice. 


A mother, equestrian, entrepreneur, hobby nutritionist, workoutaholic, café owner, and organic farmer with a fashion background.

Carolina moved from Sweden to NYC in 2007 and lives in SOHO with her husband and two young children.

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