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Foundations | The underlying movements to all FPC classes.

5-minute intro to Pump and Kegel, a series of movements that prepare your body for a more effective workout.

  • All About the Pelvic Floor


  • Pump & Kegel Foundation


Prenatal Signature | Finish pregnancy stronger than you started.

Prenatal workout consisting of low impact and high intensity exercises for full body strengthening, toning and stretching.

  • Prenatal 30 Min Full Body


  • Prenatal Signature


Pre & Postpartum Rehab | We're here to keep you strong, mama. <3

Rehabilitative exercises and learning to assess, protect and heal abdominal separation, pelvic floor issues and address common conditions.

  • Pelvic Floor Awarness


  • Your First Stop Post-Birth


Postpartum Signature | Because you want to thrive, not just survive.

High intensity and high impact workouts for increasing strength.

  • Postpartum 30 Minute


  • Postpartum Express Core/ Stability Focus


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