Safe Spinning During Pregnancy

August 11, 2019

Contributed by FPC instructor and DPT, Alicia Ferrier 

Spinning can be a great form of exercise during pregnancy. It is relatively low impact while allowing you to get your heart rate up and blood pumping! As with any exercise during pregnancy, you want to modify the workout as your body changes. Here are some tips to make that group cycling class you always love safe throughout pregnancy. 


  • Before Class 

Always let the teacher know that you’re pregnant. Inform him/ her that you may be modifying the workout as needed and you may take more breaks than allotted. If you feel uncomfortable modifying the work out at all, just pick a bike towards the back of the room so you don’t feel like you’re in the spotlight. 🙂   

As the baby grows, you may find that being in that forward position can be uncomfortable – adjust the height of the handle bars as needed to make sure you’re not compressing your belly too much.  


  • During Class

Modify, modify, modify! Your body is constantly changing during pregnancy and it’s important to recognize that during your workout. There are certain movements that are going to be harder and feel less coordinated, and it’s totally okay. After you inform the instructor, listen to your body as to what feels good during a workout. Feeling like you’re challenging yourself is one thing, but feeling unstable or out of control is another. 

Take your time to figure out how to move your body with control. Your coordination will be different each week as the baby grows! If you don’t feel comfortable moving around out of the saddle- don’t. If you feel like the class is moving to fast for what you can keep up with- slow it down. If you feel certain muscles overworking when you know they shouldn’t ( Hi low back and neck!), change up your position on the bike or sit out from the extra movements for a song. Feel like you’re going to pee your pants out of the saddle? Definitely sit it down ( And maybe chat with a pelvic floor physical therapist).  Group fitness cycling classes are catered to give you a great workout. Remember: Each workout is ultimately for YOU and you only. 

If you feel like you can keep your glutes, hamstrings and inner core unit (i.e. the magical Pump & Kegel!) engaged through class and you feel like you have enough body control to move with the pace of class- go for it! It’s all in your control. The biggest thing is just listening to your body as it changes through the journey of pregnancy! 


  • After Class 

Cycling classes make you sweat- which is why we love them! Make sure you take the time after class to hydrate a little extra. Stretch out those muscles that may have become tight from the workout ( maybe your low back and quads), and make sure you’re taking a little extra time to recover that day.