What if I need to cancel my class? As long as you contact us via email or phone 12 or more hours in advance you won’t be charged for class. If you miss the cancellation window we welcome you to drop in to any of our other classes the same day as your original reservation. 

How do I know the workout is safe? We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of perinatal fitness. All our classes have been developed using the most current, science based research.  We offer small classes for optimal attention, a range of modifications to meet all fitness levels and our instructors are trained with up to date pre and post natal certifications.   

Do I need approval from my doctor or practitioner before taking class?  While we don’t require documentation, we ask that you get approval before beginning any kind of workout.  We are happy to speak with your provider should they have any questions.

Do you offer privates? Yes!  We love one-on-one time!  We especially recommend starting with a private if you have any medical conditions such as chronic back pain, painful joints, a former diastasis, pelvic girdle pain, SI joint pain, etc. 

At FPC we are looking to act as a community for mothers and mothers-to-be so even if you are taking advantage of our private sessions, we encourage you to participate in our group classes in order to build relationships with women who are in the same stage of their lives.  

What is the Pump & Kegel Foundation Class?

We recommend taking Pump & Kegel as your first class.  It’s the perfect way to the learn the form and technique incorporated into all our classes at FPC. This will give you the opportunity to tell the instructor about any special circumstances in your pregnancy and address questions or concerns.  

This class takes the time to break down our trademark “Pump & Kegel” but is still a great workout.  We recommend working it into your weekly fitness regime.  Learning to incorporate all the muscles of your core during pregnancy leads to a stronger pregnancy, easier labor and faster postpartum recovery. We want you to walk out of Pump & Kegel feeling confident to take on all of our multi-level classes.

What if I feel ill or a movement doesn’t feel good in my body? First and foremost, we ask you always listen to your body and do what feels best. Our instructors have been trained to lead our classes to encourage interaction and feedback.  If you begin to feel ill or a movement doesn’t feel good (as is common during pregnancy), the instructor can guide you into a restorative pose or offer a modification.  Your comfort is a priority.

How often should I take class? As often as you’d like.  We are huge proponents of moving every day, even during pregnancy!  Our different classes as designed to suit all energy levels during your pregnancy from tired to high energy!  

Will my spot be given away if I’m late? Yes. We keep our class sizes small in order to provide you with the best personalized instruction.  Please arrive at least 5 min before class.  Otherwise your spot may be given to someone who is waiting.  Please note that no one will be admitted more than 5 min after class begins.  This is done to ensure your body is properly warmed up and ready for the progression of exercises.  

What should I bring/not bring to class?  Mats, towels and all equipment will be provided.  While we have a water cooler, we recommend you bring your own water bottle.  Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in and no shoes are needed.  We also ask that you please be respectful of the instructor and other class members and not use your cell phone during class, but DO take advantage of gushing to your friends about us via social media before and after!