Hospital Bag Essentials

October 28, 2019

Your due date is getting closer but you are still wondering what to pack in that hospital bag everyone keeps talking about? We will not give you the ultimate Hospital bag list but rather the MINIMALISTIC hospital bag as chances are you don’t live 10 hours away from the hospital and your partner/friend/mother/father’s stepbrother’s cousin (you get the idea) can easily pick up missing items after labor. Thank us later!

1) Hatch-to-Hospital box  

So you have all the basics to stay comfortable in the hospital during your stay. Socks and robe being the most important here! Make sure to throw in one or two pairs of soft (nursing friendly) pajamas too.

2) Snacks, snacks, snacks!

Sakara has amazing options in their clean boutique. We are obsessed with their detox bars and granolas. Also, pure coconut water for labor!

3) The Hatch-to-Home package

So your new baby doesn’t have to leave the hospital in his/her birthday suit.

4) Your phone AND charger!

Because how long is anyone actually able to live without their phone, in labor or not?!

5) Toiletry bag with the ESSENTIALS.

Pick up samples of your favorite products in the weeks leading up to your due date so you don’t have to bring full-size items of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, moisturizer, toothpaste and toothbrush. Bring a BB cream if you are receiving visitors and want to feel a bit fancy. A must have is The Hatch Nipple + Lip Balm because it’s a two in one and we are all for beauty products that can multitask and because hospital air is extraordinarily dry.

6) A comfortable going home outfit for yourself.

This does not include your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans because you will still look about six months pregnant. Pack your favorite leggings (perhaps the Sculpt and Recovery Leggings from Baobei maternity?), a nursing friendly top (love this Loyal Hana tee) and a luxe cashmere layer from Teat & Cosset. Let us just note that depending on the kind of birth you had, tight leggings might not be an option and so just in case: bring your comfiest sweatpants!

We suggest that your partner or another helpful person (parents, BFF, housekeeper) come by later with any other things you may need. Like: THE Car Seat to bring baby home and a computer/tablet you can use during your stay to watch Netflix.

Good luck, send us a birth announcement and, as always, don’t forget to #pumpandkegel®