FPC Women Start Working Out Immediately After Birth

September 1, 2019

That’s right.  A majority of our FPC Mamas come right back into the studio within the first 5 weeks post birth.   They aren’t showing up for our hardcore Postpartum Signature class, they are coming to “Rehab” to make sure they are armed with ALL the information they need to know about how to completely heal their postpartum body.  No clearance necessary.

Having been through pregnancy ourselves, we recognize that getting that 6-week “OK to exercise” from our care providers provides a huge disservice.  After pregnancy and delivery our bodies NEED rehabilitation.  Unfortunately, our health care system hasn’t caught up to our needs.  We wish every woman had the opportunity to go straight into working with a specialist in order to reconnect to her core, TVA and pelvic floor.  Many of us also need to work on healing a diastasis recti, recover from a Cesarian birth and address pelvic floor issues.  If you’ve been down this road, you know working with a specialist can be expensive and PT is usually not covered by insurance.  Many of us give up and accept these aches and pains, discomfort, tummy bulge, peeing our pants, (insert any random ailment here) as all being part of being a mom.

STOP right there!

None of that is true and we believe that in order for you to be the best mom possible, you need to take care of yourself FIRST.  Not to mention, babies demand a lot of heavy lifting, holding, carrying, etc.  We need to be sure our bodies can hold up to the task!

This is why we have FPC “Rehab”.  It’s the individualized care and knowlegde you would get from a specialist in an affordable (it’s free!), small group format.  This is the first step to getting yourself safely back into your favorite classes in the fitness world. We’re here to help you honor the new you and teach you to be grateful for what your body has done. Our mission is to guide you safely through pregnancy and rehab you post-birth so you can go back into the fitness scene with more strength, body intelligence and total confidence that you aren’t doing anything to potentially harm your body.

Here are just a few important things our newest FPC Rehab mamas know:

  • it’s NOT ok to resume jumping, running or HITT workouts until you have reached the 12 week mark (not 6!)
  • they should make an effort to see a pelvic floor therapist
  • why they shouldn’t wear a belly band all day and how they could actually slow down the healing process
  • how to protect their core while lifting, holding, feeding and carrying their baby
  • where their connective tissue needs to do the most “healing” and how to speed up the process
  • what signs to look for to indicate pelvic floor disfunction
  • how to teach their partners to protect their bodies during parenthood as well!
  • how to modify their workouts (once they gain clearance) to continue to support what their bodies need


“Rehab” is pre-crawler baby friendly so there is no excuse for not taking the time to devote to your healing and recovery. As soon as you can get out the door, head over to the studio.  We have a comfy couch to nurse on and changing table fully stocked with Babyganics wipes and diapers to make your life easier.  Whether you’ve had a Cesarian birth, natural birth, are working through pelvic floor problems, or diastasis, this class is safe and encouraged.  “Rehab” is always taught by one of our instructors who is certified as a Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist as well as a certified Diastasis and Core Consultant. We also work with women’s health specialists and PTs and make further referrals as needed.  As with all our classes at FPC, you are in extremely safe hands.

Aren’t in NYC?  Our FPC Anywhere platform contains a Postpartum Rehab class as well.  You can start using the platform immediately after birth!  Sign up HERE!