Fitness pros Pre/postnatal Education

We’ve devoted an entire studio to training women during their pregnancy and postpartum journeys and we’re aren’t naive when it comes to the fitness scene. Our women take class at FPC but they still love to cycle, take barre classes, bootcamps, cardio dance and test out every cool workout that comes onto the scene. Our clientele actually finds us because they love YOU and they want more information about how to continue to enjoy your class throughout their pregnancy journey.

Our goal at FPC is more than to keep a woman safe during her pregnancy and recovery period. Our focus is on functional movement, education and strengthening the specific muscles needed to support her pregnancy, delivery and motherhood journey. We fully understand that your workout has different goals in mind. Unfortunately, the latest research in pregnancy fitness has shown those goals aren’t necessarily safe for the changes of the pregnant and newly postpartum body. Furthermore, the education that’s currently on the market for fitness professionals isn’t properly arming you or your instructors with the most up to date research.

We share a common goal: We all love fitness and want to contribute to the betterment of all our clientele’s lives. YOU want to be able to confidently offer modifications to the pregnant women in your classes. WE want to make sure we can recommend that our women step into their favorite workouts without getting injured or put themselves at risk for a Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) or pelvic floor disfunction and that you know how to offer the proper modifications for common conditions like Pelvic Girdle Pain, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, and Sacroiliac Dysfunction. Together, we can team up to keep our women safe, feeling empowered and give them the physical strength to return to the fitness scene without any of the common (and unnecessary) physical ailments contributed to having children.

We’d love to educate you and your instructors with our 3-hr Pre/Postnatal Fitness Workshop for Professionals. We’ll give you the most up to date research on perinatal fitness as well as the cutting edge research we’ve acquired from the world’s top women’s health physios and physical therapists.

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Workshop Description

It’s no longer considered “safe” to adapt exercises by trimester and tell women they can continue the same workout they did before pregnancy.  Training during this life transition needs to be done with a different focus in mind: optimizing functionality of the core and pelvic floor.

This workshop offers group fitness instructors, of any modality, the most up to date research on perinatal fitness.   You’ll gain access to the cutting edge research we’ve acquired from the world’s best women’s health physios and physical therapists working with pregnant and postpartum populations.

In this comprehensive, 3-hr course, students will:

  • Learn how to collect information from clients and coach them with effective cuing to keep them safe.

  • Learn the changes of a pregnant/postpartum body

  • Understand the anatomy of the “inner core unit” and why is it’s functionality is essential to this clientele

  • Gain the confidence to stop questioning whether or not the modification you’ve offered is safe or correct..  

  • Debunk common pregnancy and postpartum fitness myths

  • Learn what exercises to avoid during pregnancy. (Why your clients need to stop working their obliques, tucking their pelvis and holding planks.)

  • Workshop through common group fitness mistakes

  • Spot the tell-tale signs of danger and inner core unit dysfunction and know what to do when you see them 

  • Gain understanding of conditions like Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, PGP, SPD and SID

  • Learn how to build a trusted referral network of therapists and partners to get your clients the help they need when it’s beyond your scope of practice.  

  • Understand postpartum healing- easing women back into the word of fitness. (Essential elements of training and why it takes longer than 6 weeks)


Workshop time: 3 hrs

Cost: $375/trainer (minimum 5 trainers)

Location: Can be at your studio, gym or our flagship studio location at 552 Broadway, New York, NY,

*Additional travel costs for locations outside of NYC

Contact: Joanie Johnson, FPC co-founder,, for availability and details.

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