FPC NYC, 552 Broadway, 3rd Fl

MAR 21, 5:30-7PM

FPC + Dr. Erin Williams, DPT "Pelvic Floor Workshop"

Kegels play a huge role in the FPC foundational method and we talk about them ALL.THE.TIME. We thought it would be nice to bring in a women's health physical therapist to back us up!

Dr. Erin is be explaining what the pelvic floor is and how to engage it correctly. We will also talk about what Diastasis Recti is and how to reduce the muscle separation as well as safe exercise prescription while pregnant.



FPC NYC, 552 Broadway, 3rd Fl

MAR 24, 12PM - 1:15PM

FPC + Lilu + Breast Pumping 101

FPC will be giving you a sneak peak of our newest Postpartum Signature class. This 30-min intro will give you a taste of everything you need to know about working out safely and regaining total strength and functionality after having a baby. Class is safe and appropriate for all pregnant and postnatal moms! The workout will be coupled with a discussion on pumping with Certified Lactation Counselor Emilie Adams of The Connected Birth and Adriana Vazquez of Lilu.

The event will include 30 min of our heart pumping, Postpartum Signature class (prenatal safe) followed by 45 minutes of Breast Pump Basics.

Lilu is the first pumping bra that offers hands-free, automated breast massage, enhancing your pump and boosting your pumping session. All attendees will be given the option to sign up for a chance to beta test the pumping bra, and provide feedback.

You can learn more about Lilu at http://www.wearlilu.com   


FPC NYC, 552 Broadway, 3rd Fl

MAR 28, 5:30-7PM

YogaGlow + HATCH

Join us for a YogaGlow workout followed by a special 'spa-vasana' in a HATCH belly mask.  The HATCH all-natural hydrating sheet mask was made for pregnant bellies to help minimize stretch marks during pregnancy and help soften inflamed scar tissue postpartum.  This workshop will leave you glowing from the inside out. 

All pregnant and new moms welcome!