45 min of music pumping, pregnancy safe, low impact, high intensity, full body strengthening, toning and stretching!  It's the upbeat, full body workout you love combined with the peace of mind that everything is pregnancy safe and developed specifically to strengthen your body to meet the demands of labor, delivery and a complete postpartum recovery.   

Postpartum “Rehab”

We firmly believe that it takes longer than 6 weeks after having a baby to be able to throw ourselves back into the fitness world. Whether you’ve had a “textbook” pregnancy and delivery or one filled with challenges,  “Rehab” is your first step to getting back into your pre-pregnancy workout. 

This pre-crawler, baby friendly class will reconnect you to your entire core from the diaphragm to pelvic floor, and regain the total body strength needed to return to all your favorite workouts injury and pain free.  

*This class is C-Section recovery, pelvic floor rehab and diastasis safe/ encouraged! 

Postpartum Signature

This is your favorite prenatal workout designed specifically to help you meet the demands of motherhood!  

This class integrates FPC’s foundational Pump & Kegel and strengthens you to move through your day with more body awareness, better posture, more strength and more confidence in your role as a mother.   And in true FPC form, we’ll sweat it out in an upbeat atmosphere and a playlist of great tunes!  

*Pre-crawling babies are welcome.  This workout is for you if your “baby” is any age from 2 months- 20 yrs+!