45 min of music pumping, pregnancy safe, low impact, high intensity, full body strengthening, toning and stretching!  It's the upbeat, full body workout you love combined with the peace of mind that everything is pregnancy safe and developed specifically to meet the needs of labor, delivery and postpartum recovery.      



FPC Flow is meant for the days when you want to devote more time to stretching, release and relaxation but without sacrificing the sweat, good music, and full body muscle toning that we love.  We lovingly like to refer to it as prenatal yoga on steroids.  



Our trademarked “Pump and Kegel” class teaches you the foundation to all of the FPC workouts.  This class enables you to take all of our workouts to the next level.  You'll break a sweat while learning to properly integrate your entire core from the diaphragm to your pelvic floor.  This class holds the secret to moving through your pregnancy with more strength, less aches and pains and provides the foundation needed to bounce back to your pre-baby body faster.