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Prepare to Push

Have you thought about how to prepare yourself to push?

Wednesday, June 27th


Giving birth can be one of the biggest events of any woman's life, and it may also bring up a lot of anxiety and fear, especially around pushing and tearing.

In this class, seasoned doula and childbirth educator, Chantal Traub offers her knowledge and experience to help to prepare to push efficiently and protect the pelvic floor.
Whether an epidural or natural birth is planned; Understanding of how the pelvis and fetus interact, the birth related anatomy and learning pushing positions and breath, will increase feeling confident and prepared.

Chantal has been teaching and assisting families in the New York Metro area for over 15 years. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and 2 children.  She has been teaching yoga since 1996 and in 2003 became a Certified Doula. She has been assisting women in labor ever since. She is also a Certified International Childbirth Educator and Certified Pre/Postnatal Yoga teacher.


The cost of this workshop is $25

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to Aug 5

Childbirth Preparation + Breastfeeding & Newborn Care

Childbirth Preparation Weekend including Breastfeeding and Newborn Care
Friday, August 3rd, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Saturday, August 2nd 1:00 - 6:00pm
Sunday, August 3rd, 1:00-6:00pm

At FPC, we see pregnancy as an opportunity to embrace a variety of approaches that can enhance your innate physiology. Our classes offer information and practice that will not only prepare you for childbirth but improve birth outcomes.

In addition to discussing:

  • anatomy and physiology of late pregnancy and birth
  • stages and phases of labor
  • coping measures and positions
  • breath and relaxation practices to reduce stress and anxiety
  • benefits, risks, and alternatives to common medical procedures
  • when to go to the hospital and what to pack or when to have your midwife come to you and how to prepare your home
  • questions to ask your provider and how to navigate the hospital setting
  • epidural anesthesia, induction procedures and cesarean surgery

We will address:

  • alignment and movement habits to encourage optimize fetal positioning and minimize pain in labor
  • strategies to shorten the pushing phase and prevent tearing or birth injury
  • optimal nutrition for muscle strength and flexibility

Partners are essential to a positive birth experience. Over the course of the weekend partners will gain confidence in their ability to support a laboring women and develop tools for staying calm and communicating effectively with the laboring mother and care providers.

This class also includes a comprehensive look at the first few weeks postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care. We will go beyond the basics of newborn care to develop a modern framework for responding to your newborn’s needs.

This childbirth series is ideal for clients between 28 and 34 weeks who want to play an active role in their birth. We welcome those planning on using pain medication and those hoping for a delivery free of interventions. Those working with a doula and those who would like to labor alone with their partner. Those delivering in hospitals, birth centers, and at home. Single Moms and Single Moms by Choice are welcome and encouraged to attend with a friend, doula, or loved one.


Cost for the 3-Day Workshop is $525
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Childbirth Basics for the Non-Birth Practitioner

Birthing for the Non-Pregnant!
What you need to know to support your pregnant clients.

Monday, June 18th


Our world is filled with outdated information and cultural myths about childbirth while maternity care in the United States is failing women. With the knowledge of physiologic childbirth, the right birth team, and prenatal conditioning women can dramatically increase their chance for a positive birth experience. As practitioners, you already have your clients' trust. This class will prepare you to support your clients on the path toward a more satisfying birth.

  • learn the basic, but awe-inspiring, mechanisms at play in labor, delivery and the fourth trimester
  • investigate differences between common practices and best practices for evidence-based care
  • develop a critical framework for helping clients navigate pregnancy and labor preparation
  • assess how the work you already do can directly improve your client’s birth outcome
  • gain access to incredible resources to share with pregnant clients
  • understand why all of this matters!

Massage Therapists, Mental Health Professionals, Yoga Teachers, Fitness Instructors, Acupuncturists, Stylists, Physical Therapists … if you work with pregnant women, this workshop is for you.

Cost of the workshop is $185

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