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Names? Jessica Canetti, Marisa Vera, Melanie Haber.

Name of your company? Milx

Inspiration behind starting your company? Jessica: As a new, stressed mom, I tried every nursing and pumping bra on the market and hated their guts. They were flimsy, non-supportive, ugly, and inconvenient. One day, in a fit of rage, I cut holes in a beloved sports bra and made a DIY hands-free pumping bra that changed my life. I proudly sent topless selfies to Melanie and Marisa, and just like that - the first ever Milx prototype was born. The three of us quickly realized that every single mom we spoke to had the exact same gripes with nursing/pumping bras on the market and we needed to make a change!

Do you have children? Name(s) and age(s)? Jessica: Daughter Layla, 3, and pregnant with #2 due in October. Melanie: Son Jack, 3 months. Marisa: Daughters Malena, 2, and Cora, 2 weeks (!).

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What did you do before starting your company? We all still work full time in addition to running Milx. Jessica and Marisa both work at Google in Ad Sales and Marketing. Jess is a Business Lead for Specialty Apparel Retailers and Marisa works in Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions. Melanie is the SVP of Brand and Communications for a publicly traded healthcare company in the addiction space.

Your proudest moment? We are always the most proud after receiving positive feedback from moms about how Milx bras have improved their lives. It truly brings tears of joy to our eyes after years of hard work trying to accomplish this mission.

What is the most challenging thing about running your own business? Finding the time to spend on Milx, our passion, on top of our day jobs and mommying!

How has being a parent changed you? Jess: Being a parent has made me realize that ultimately the only person whose opinion of me matters is my daughter’s. Mel: Three months into mommying, I’m feeling less productive, more disheveled, but also so much more in love than ever before.


Tell us about your typical Tuesday. Mel: I’m currently on maternity leave from my non-Milx job, so my Tuesdays this summer are spent with Jack! Our day involves lots of diapers, feedings, bottle washings, long walks, tummy time, dancing, and snuggling in no particular order. While Jack naps and after he goes to sleep, I squeeze in Milx e-mails and calls. And I’m always always always (like every day) wearing my maternity jean shorts and a big t-shirt (over my Milx bra, of course). Jess: Wake up (no alarm needed with a 3 year old), and start to get Layla ready for her day with breakfast and getting dressed, (plus, if she slept in her own bed all night she gets to watch one episode of a kids’ TV show of choice!). Then I rush to Google, usually run around to client meetings, and sometimes go to a workout at 5:30pm that I have to leave early from so that I can get home by 6:30 to relieve my daughter’s nanny. Once I’m home it’s all about Layla-  play, give her 2nd dinner, play more, snack on things that are bad for me because I’m starving, bathtime, read two books (one is usually Frozen), tell her a story (usually about Anna and Elsa), scarf dinner with my husband while always being annoyed about how late we’re eating, do Milx work/get on calls for Milx, and pass out!

Where do you see your company in 2023? We see Milx as a lifestyle brand that helps modernize motherhood. In addition to creating products that will make the lives of moms easier, we want to help educate women on what to expect as they become mothers, make breastfeeding and pumping less taboo, and create a supportive community of moms who are all just doing their best!

Where is your happy place? At our future Milx headquarters in Hawaii on the beach :) Or seriously, when we find the time to work all three together on Milx in person, that’s pretty amazing!

Lastly, name your top three NYC restaurants! Kyclades, Minetta Tavern, and ABC Kitchen.

Curious to hear more from the women of Milx? Come hang with them in person at our August 22nd New Mom Support Group at 1pm. They will also bring Milx bras to try on and buy at a discounted rate! 


Teat & Cosset Q&A


We love hearing stories about women who have built a business while also building a family.  We sat down with Teat & Cosset founder, Peggy Economou to get a sneak peak into how this beautiful brand came to be. 


How did you choose the name Teat & Cosset?  I originally wanted to name the brand after my daughter, Dafne, but it seemed so anonymous and I felt like it would be lost in a sea of other brand names. I decided to make a list of all the names that described the brand and its values; breast, nursing, luxury, quality, pamper and then looked at synonyms for all the words. One of the words that stood out was ‘teat’. It’s a strong word that definitely caused some backlash, but you can’t make everyone happy, and I decided to stick with it. I then paired it with “cosset” as I just loved the way it looked and sounded and it means, to pamper. Our goal is to pamper moms and help them feel like themselves again while they nurse so “Teat & Cosset” was the perfect marriage.


What was your relationship with fashion before motherhood? I've always loved fashion and my style has definitely gone through many changes since my teenage years! I used to buy a lot more going out clothes (including high heels!) before becoming a mother.  I think now when I look at fashion, in addition to looking for something beautiful and well made, I immediately evaluate how easy it is to wear!


How did becoming a mom change your style? I would say my style is a lot more casual now, especially since I work from my home office. However, definitely not sweatshirts/sweatpants casual! I still try to look chic and put some thought into what I wear - When I look nicer my day usually goes better! I’m also probably a bit more adventurous in regards to colors and styles too. I think part of that is feeling more confident since becoming a mother and partly because I live in Italy!

One thing that has changed is the way I shop. I try to buy in sets - if I find a top I also want to find the bottom at the same time to make my life easier. There is a great little boutique in Siena called Futuro's and when I go there I always walk away with 2-3 outfits that I have on rotation until I go back! And wearing the same outfit 2-3 days in a row is totally acceptable in Italy, which I LOVE!


What is your favorite piece from your line?  My favorite piece from our current Spring/Summer 2018 collection is the Carlotta dress. I just love how feminine and flowy it is. It's also really easy to wear and super versatile -  the ultimate day time to night time to weekend dress. It’s the kind of dress you can put on in the morning without having to think! I think that is key for a mother's wardrobe.


Other than easy access for nursing, what do you feel is the most important quality to look for when choosing nursing friendly fascia  I think it's important to stay true to your style. How awful would you feel if you were forced to wear something that wasn’t you? And that is what I think a lot of nursing moms have had to do in the past. Thankfully today there are a lot more options for cute nursing friendly styles.

I remember how delicate my psyche was after having my daughter. I still had a belly and I felt like I wasn't me any more. Part of that had to do with my limited clothing options and not really looking like myself any more. So I think when looking for nursing friendly styles moms shouldn't compromise their style.