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Names? Jessica Canetti, Marisa Vera, Melanie Haber.

Name of your company? Milx

Inspiration behind starting your company? Jessica: As a new, stressed mom, I tried every nursing and pumping bra on the market and hated their guts. They were flimsy, non-supportive, ugly, and inconvenient. One day, in a fit of rage, I cut holes in a beloved sports bra and made a DIY hands-free pumping bra that changed my life. I proudly sent topless selfies to Melanie and Marisa, and just like that - the first ever Milx prototype was born. The three of us quickly realized that every single mom we spoke to had the exact same gripes with nursing/pumping bras on the market and we needed to make a change!

Do you have children? Name(s) and age(s)? Jessica: Daughter Layla, 3, and pregnant with #2 due in October. Melanie: Son Jack, 3 months. Marisa: Daughters Malena, 2, and Cora, 2 weeks (!).

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What did you do before starting your company? We all still work full time in addition to running Milx. Jessica and Marisa both work at Google in Ad Sales and Marketing. Jess is a Business Lead for Specialty Apparel Retailers and Marisa works in Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions. Melanie is the SVP of Brand and Communications for a publicly traded healthcare company in the addiction space.

Your proudest moment? We are always the most proud after receiving positive feedback from moms about how Milx bras have improved their lives. It truly brings tears of joy to our eyes after years of hard work trying to accomplish this mission.

What is the most challenging thing about running your own business? Finding the time to spend on Milx, our passion, on top of our day jobs and mommying!

How has being a parent changed you? Jess: Being a parent has made me realize that ultimately the only person whose opinion of me matters is my daughter’s. Mel: Three months into mommying, I’m feeling less productive, more disheveled, but also so much more in love than ever before.


Tell us about your typical Tuesday. Mel: I’m currently on maternity leave from my non-Milx job, so my Tuesdays this summer are spent with Jack! Our day involves lots of diapers, feedings, bottle washings, long walks, tummy time, dancing, and snuggling in no particular order. While Jack naps and after he goes to sleep, I squeeze in Milx e-mails and calls. And I’m always always always (like every day) wearing my maternity jean shorts and a big t-shirt (over my Milx bra, of course). Jess: Wake up (no alarm needed with a 3 year old), and start to get Layla ready for her day with breakfast and getting dressed, (plus, if she slept in her own bed all night she gets to watch one episode of a kids’ TV show of choice!). Then I rush to Google, usually run around to client meetings, and sometimes go to a workout at 5:30pm that I have to leave early from so that I can get home by 6:30 to relieve my daughter’s nanny. Once I’m home it’s all about Layla-  play, give her 2nd dinner, play more, snack on things that are bad for me because I’m starving, bathtime, read two books (one is usually Frozen), tell her a story (usually about Anna and Elsa), scarf dinner with my husband while always being annoyed about how late we’re eating, do Milx work/get on calls for Milx, and pass out!

Where do you see your company in 2023? We see Milx as a lifestyle brand that helps modernize motherhood. In addition to creating products that will make the lives of moms easier, we want to help educate women on what to expect as they become mothers, make breastfeeding and pumping less taboo, and create a supportive community of moms who are all just doing their best!

Where is your happy place? At our future Milx headquarters in Hawaii on the beach :) Or seriously, when we find the time to work all three together on Milx in person, that’s pretty amazing!

Lastly, name your top three NYC restaurants! Kyclades, Minetta Tavern, and ABC Kitchen.

Curious to hear more from the women of Milx? Come hang with them in person at our August 22nd New Mom Support Group at 1pm. They will also bring Milx bras to try on and buy at a discounted rate! 


How To Increase Your Milk Supply


I recently posted a video clip of my subzero freezer that is completely full of breastmilk on my instagram stories (It's Carolina by the way). Immediately I had ten messages from women who wanted to know how I was able to store away so much and still continue to feed baby Rags. Here is a post for you ladies who are curious to know what I do, personally, to keep my supply high. Just bear in mind that I am not an expert and to consult with a lactation counselor before making any changes. 


1) Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. I cannot stress this enough. A dehydrated body WILL produce less milk than a well hydrated one. Aim to drink at least 8 ounces during every feeding or pumping session (I probably average about double that to be honest). Get a nice reusable water bottle and keep drinking! 

2) I know it is tempting to go on a diet to lose that "baby weight" that's lingering BUT just know that your body is wise and is holding on to an extra 5-10 pounds pretty much as long as you continue to breastfeed. This doesn't mean you haven't lost the extra weight you put on during your pregnancy; you have extra breast tissue, milk, and fat stores that are essential to your body producing an adequate amount of milk. Simply continue to feed your body nutritious whole foods. Every meal should contain protein, fat, fiber and complex carbs. If anyone is interested in recipes or snacks ideas we can put that in a separate post! 

3) Let your baby nurse as much as possible. With my first baby I was told by our pediatrician to almost immediately put her on a 3-4 hour feeding schedule, which I did. We were both miserable; she was hungry and I wasn't able to build up a milk supply that was enough for her and breastfeeding became really challenging. I quit after three months with her and decided to do not take advice from our pediatrician when it came to breastfeeding. With my third baby I try to keep him with me as much as I can and I let him snack whenever he wants to. We often do at least one daily marathon feed where we spend a couple of hours in bed together (my preferred feeding method is side-lying) and he eats, falls asleep, wakes up to eat again, goes back to sleep, and eats again. 

4) Pump after almost every feed the first few weeks. This will signal your body to keep producing more milk even after your baby is satisfied. It is a total pain but the rewards are huge. I would pump immediately after every feed for about 10-15 minutes. Once you have established a strong supply, you can go down to pumping only after the last night feed and after the first morning feed (I currently pump before I go to bed at 10pm and around 6:30/7am and keep the pumping sessions to 20 minutes). Get a handsfree pumping bra so you can tend to your baby, eat or do work at the same time. Disclaimer: Experts will tell you this will lead to an oversupply so don't do this unless you want to continue to pump and store milk.

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5) The jury is out on this one but I am convinced these lactation bars increase my supply. I still am waiting for them to sponsor me! I eat one every morning during my morning pump session as I drink at least 20 ounces of water. 

Breastfeeding is a commitment and it is a full-time job the first couple of months. Keep in mind that before you know it your child will graduate Pre-K and you will have no idea where the time went. Please ask for support when you need it and know that we are always here for you!  



Plugged Ducts - The Unsexy Truth About Breastfeeding


Here’s a truth bomb that you won't hear from most women:

“Breastfeeding is one of the hardest parts of motherhood… and breast-pumping? It sucks. Producing milk is not always easy and extensive pumping to reach sufficient milk output - it’s tedious, time consuming and exhausting...”

Nonetheless, a close look at how motherhood works behind closed doors, confirms that more that 62% of mothers that pump frequently, suffer from such issues. Issues that can be embarrassing, shameful and that mothers only feel comfortable sharing with lactation consultants, close friends and immediate family.

And some of these issues, in addition to impacting mothers on an emotional level, may lead to physical strain as well. When pumping doesn’t happen effectively and milk is not adequately removed, ducts clog. This in turn, leads to swelling and inflammation, which means yet more complications - it can be a vicious cycle. But pumping, like breastfeeding, doesn’t have to be painful and uncomfortable.

Lilu wants to make painful pumping a problem of the past. The Lilu bra automatically massages breasts, allowing women to pump up to 50% more milk, hands-free and in less time. The breast compression ensures nutrient-rich milk is moved outward and that all ducks are emptied, greatly reducing risk of clogged ducts and removing the need for excessive pumping.

Lilu is currently available for pre-sale here and will be available for customers at the end of September 2018. Already pumping? We would love your feedback! Please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you!