Breastfeeding: Why didn’t anyone tell me?!

June 6, 2019



In preparation for next week’s Breastfeeding 101 workshop, we asked FPC founders, staff and clients,

“What’s one thing you wish you would’ve known about breastfeeding?”

We absolutly love these candid responses.

FPC Co-Founder and Mama of 1, Joanie: ” I honestly thought it was going to be the most natural, organic experience in the world and that as long as I could bond with my baby, we’d figure it out on our own. I wish I would’ve had a lactation counselor or consultant at the ready. They had them at the hospital but my little lady and I needed much more help. Ultimately, it took us 4 different consultants, clipping her tongue and lip tie, bleeding nipples, suffering through Thrush and LOTS of time and tears later to finally get a good latch. I felt completely disheartened by the experience because I didn’t manage my expectations. If there’s a next time, I’ll be sure to have a trusted pro on speed dial at the first sign of struggle.”

FPC Co-Founder and Mama of 3, Carolina: “I wish someone had told me that breastfeeding didn’t have to be all or nothing and to not be so damn hard on myself. I would have been a much happier mom from the get go if I had allowed someone else to give her a bottle with formula once in a while rather than stressing about my supply. One feed of breast milk a day is better than no feed of breast milk, just do what you can and don’t let it become an added stress.”

FPC Trainer and Mama of 2 Jamie: “Yes it’s beautiful, yes it can be natural, but it’s also ok not to kill yourself over it (to elaborate, my breastfeeding absolutely contributed to my PPD round 1 – I was psychotic about it and freaked any and every time my supply shifted at all – did all the things to try to help and created a weird attachment to him because I didn’t leave space for myself to say it’s ok). I guess to give myself some grace throughout the process.

On that note, supply will shift for various reasons. No one really warned me of that so I panicked anytime there was a slight change and then became a slave to the pump to keep my supply going, losing sleep in the process.”

FPC Trainer and Mama of 1, Jessica: “I would say (though maybe this is obvious to everyone else) don’t put nipple balm on your areola…just the nipple! Baby doesn’t like that very much. Haha! Also, engorgement is crazy. I had NO IDEA that my boobs would be rock hard and enormous.”

FPC client and Mama of 1, Missy: “I wish I would’ve been told that over supply was such a thing-and forceful letdown! It was the opposite stress I had anticipated and pumping only made it worse…even though it felt better for a moment.”

FPC client and Mama of 2, Janine: “I wish i’d known to open up my breast pump and get to know it before I was in desperate mode. It’s no fun to be taking it out of the box in the middle of the night and reading the instructions while you’re engorged.”

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