Why you should “train” for pushing during childbirth

May 23, 2019



Contributed by The Fit Doula, Maddy Wasserman

train (v.) -teach a person a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time.

Popular belief about the “nature” of childbirth and that “ it just happens” leads many families unprepared and uneducated for what lies ahead. While you don’t need to clock-in for a shift everyday to grow your baby, there are many behaviors you can implement and practice to ease your journey.

My passion for birth work with my experience in exercise has landed me as The Fit Doula. Here are my top 3 reasons why mothers should train to push.

1. Childbirth is an Major Athletic Event!

We train for most athletic events we set out to do, often for months on end, why not train for the physical and emotional demands of pushing your baby out of you body. And remember proper training sets you up for proper recovery and injury prevention.

2. Body Literacy!

The more you can learn about you body and how the muscles and bones in your pelvis function during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum the more educated birth experience you will have. There are specific muscle groups in your body that need to prepare to push your baby into the world.

3. Pelvic Floor Preservation!

The musculature of the pelvic floor is the gateway for your baby during the pushing stage of labor. We must learn where those muscles are and how to activate them through a full range of motion. By doing so you can mitigate tearing & episiotomies and possibly shorten the time you spend pushing.

During pregnancy your body shifts into a training mode itself, including an increase in blood flow, lung capacity and the ability to dissipate heat! Training for childbirth and pushing should include: diaphragmatic breathing exercises, pelvic floor exercises, strength training and cardio intervals, rest and speaking with your care provider about standards of care.

Ready to train?