Starting Solids: Common Feeding Myths

May 16, 2019

After months of bottle or breastfeeding, starting solids with your baby can be a topic that evokes a lot of anxiety- especially since there are a ton of myths surrounding the topic!

We asked Molly Knauer, MS, RD, of Molly’s Best , Nutrition Director at Daily Goods, and FPC mama what are the most common myths she hears when starting solids with your littles? Check out her answers below!

Common Feeding Myths
Contributed by Molly Knauer, MS, RD

  • You have to offer veggies before fruits to raise a veggie lover
    The real way to prevent a picky eater is through introducing a variety of fruits and veggies, order is not as important. Once you get more comfortable introduce new fruits and vegetables each week along with spices to expand your child’s flavor profile

  • If your baby doesn’t like it the first time they won’t ever like it
    It may take around 17 times introducing a new food, giving a few days in between before you can claim the child doesn’t like that food! Just because they don’t like it today doesn’t mean they won’t like it in 2 days or 2 weeks. Getting frustrated? Try that food in different combos or textures

  • It’s unsafe to introduce high allergen foods before one years old
    Talk to your pediatrician but unless allergies run in your family, introducing these foods earlier on can actually reduce the risk of allergies!

  • You have to introduce the same food for multiple days before moving on
    In the first weeks of solids you may want to tread lightly but once you’re more comfortable, get creative with introducing lots of variety!

  • First bite has to be rice cerealThe days of rice cereal are over! For breast fed babies, start with iron fortified oatmeal mixed with breast milk. For babies fed at least 1/2 formula, you can actually get right to food!

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