Tips for Returning to Work as a New (Pumping) Mom

March 1, 2019

Contributed by Milx

At Milx, we strive to modernize motherhood in all forms, which includes making life easier for working moms (like us!). We all three had babies in 2018 and understand the physical challenges around pumping and nursing, along with the emotional challenges that come with leaving your precious new babies. Read below for some tips on how to make things a little easier!



1) Make time to pump. If you’re breastfeeding, you also need to regularly pump milk to store for your baby to drink whenever you’re not with them, and to remind your body to continue to lactate. If you stop pumping when you’re away from your baby for long periods of time, you’ll stop producing milk all together. If you’re breastfeeding and going back to work – assuming you work an 8 hour day – you’ll have to pump 2 to 3 times a day for about 30 minutes each. Do not skip pumping sessions, as it will cause your milk supply to decrease. Breastfeeding rates significantly decline after women go back to work because it’s such a challenge to fit pumping into your schedule. Many women don’t feel empowered to communicate that they need to carve out this time. Remember, it’s your right to take the time to pump so speak up, set scheduling expectations up front and block time off on your company calendar for regular pumping sessions.

2)  Invest in the right tools. If you’re pumping and nursing, for example, make sure you have a nursing/pumping bra (like Milx!) that you can wear all day to save time changing during pumping sessions. Make sure whatever you wear has hands-free capabilities (like Milx!), so you can be productive even while pumping. Also, have an extra set of pumping accessories you can keep at work in case you forget something. This happens all the time – trust us!

3) Set scheduling boundaries with yourself and your coworkers. This applies not only with your pumping schedule, but also with time restrictions. For example, you may have been the stay-late-to-get-things-done colleague, who now needs to leave work by 6pm sharp to relieve a caretaker at home. Let your boss and coworkers know your hard stop, so they don’t book late meetings and offer up an alternative evening time (say, post baby’s bedtime), if a later meeting’s imperative. Also, maximize your efficiency at work by being organized. Rumor has it that women with children are some of the most productive in the workplace!

4) Go easy on yourself. They call it the Fourth Trimester for a reason. Your body is still adjusting to mental and physical changes and you’re adjusting to being a working mom. It takes time to adapt to your new routine — you’re trying your best at work while also caring for your babies. Change your mindset to focus on all you’re accomplishing rather than what you’re not able to do. And remember, moms are superheroes!

5) Lean on your village. Build a support system of other moms and ask for help in and outside of work. Reach out to us directly on Instagram if you have any questions. We share our own nip tips and also get great advice from moms all over!