Mother Untitled – Resources

February 15, 2019


  Neha Ruch, Founder of Mother Untitled

The gathering for the new mom happy hour with Mother Untitled was evidence enough of the MU thesis – that a career pause or shift to create space for motherhood warrants a new and empowering narrative.  The modern story is one of the creativity and community that this chapter unlocks if you choose to lean into it.  Heavy caveat, per the conversation on Wednesday, the complexity is real.  As most of us in the room were in early stages of contemplating our choices, conversations around ego, negotiating flexibility, relationship changes and entrepreneurship naturally came up.  Two hours left just enough time to hear from everyone and find camaraderie so Neha followed up with a few helpful links to build on some of the key topics.  On answering “what do you do?” (and a follow up to that), negotiating flexibility (more and more on that), building and measuring passion projects, work that works for mothers and embracing the pause plus ways to stay connected.

For more on all the angles, explore the Mother Untitled platform and stay in touch with Neha @motheruntitled