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September 21, 2018



Name? Erin McConaghy (who is one half of Curated Care along with fellow mama and partner, Marlene Veloso)

What’s the name of your company? 

What was the inspiration behind Curated Care? We were passionate about creating a childcare option that felt great for families to use, provided a better, cooler experience for kids and also created a new space for artists and teachers to share their passions and make good money doing what they loved. 

How many children do you have? One kiddo, Keira, 3 and sassy.

What did you do before starting your company? Managed a premiere children’s facility in TriBeCa and helped found a Montessori-based drop off program for pre-preschoolers. 

Top three things, in your opinion, to think about when hiring a nanny or babysitter?

1) Do I like being around you? (is it easy and enjoyable)

2) Do you have enough experience with kiddos my child’s age so that you can be fully present with them?

3) Do you light up when you articulate the reason you love working with kids?

What is your proudest moment? Birthing my child (which sounds like a cliche but it’s a popular answer for a reason –  I still can’t believe I got that child to exit 🙂

What is the most challenging thing about running your own business? Letting things go. I’ve always wanted to do a good job at whatever I’ve worked on, but when it’s your own company and vision you take everything personally. 

How has being a parent changed you? When people ask me what it’s like to be a parent I say “think of all the times during the day that you are sitting down…now remove all those” ha. Honestly, it’s the hardest but most validating work I have ever done and you don’t realize how huge your heart is until someone tiny and awesome makes it joyfully explode a little more every day. 

Where do you see your in 2023? Offering childcare-adjacent options – prenatal yoga specialists (FPC’s note: How about Pre and Postnatal Fitness Experts like ourselves?), lactation and sleep consultants or, on the other end, things like SAT prep, art portfolio prep, etc.

Where is your happy place? Paris

Tell us about your typical Tuesday. Little known fact – NYC families tend to make their family plans on Tuesdays. It’s our busiest day on the site so I’m glued to my phone and computer from the moment I get out of bed. 

Lastly, name your top three NYC restaurants! For veg-friendly dining, abcV. For delicious Mexican fare and great mezcal,  Toloache, and for a giant, fantastic bowl of ramen, Kori TriBeCa.

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