Pregnancy Travel Essentials

June 1, 2018

Summer is officially here and travel season is up ahead. You might be a Delta Diamond traveler but this pregnancy thing got you all stressed out over what to pack? Don’t worry mama, as always, we’ve got your back! Here are our top five items to make traveling while pregnant more comfortable, safe and easy. 



Do not get on a flight without a pair of compression socks. Our favorite ones come from our friends at Comrad. They are comfortable, get the job done AND are cute! Oh, and they’re offering the FPC community 20% off their first order with code WeLoveFPC

Definitely don’t leave the house without snacks on hand. According to our friend and registered dietitian, Sarah Rueven (@rootedwellnessny), prenatal snacks should provide a combination of fiber and protein or healthy fat for the most staying power! Great snacks include an apple and nut butter, hummus with raw veggies or a 2% fat or full fat greek yogurt with fruit and a sprinkle of granola. We love the Sakara superfood and dark chocolate granolas – which are low sugar and super yummy!

As if sitting on a plane/car/train isn’t uncomfortable enough, pregnancy just brings the discomfort to another level. Luckily Hatch has the best solution for this: The Walkabout Romper. It has no waistband, is made from the fabric (no itchies here), it’s stylish, and did we mention it has no waistband?? 

Hydration is always important but seriously essential during pregnancy and since we hate filling our landfills with plastic our go-to water bottle is from S’well. Bonus points that it is the fastest growing woman-owned company in the US! 

Whether you are traveling to the beach or not, sunscreen is always a must. But stay away from the brands with added chemicals (that’s not good for either you or baby!). Our favorite all natural sunscreen come from BeautyCounter. 

Now go enjoy your vacay and don’t forget to send us pictures! If you miss working out with us (and how could you not?) check out this 15 minute at-home workout with Joanie.