The Birth Story Series: Carolina’s Third Baby

April 20, 2018



If there is one thing moms and moms-to-be can’t seem to get enough of it is listening to as well as sharing their birth stories. So, naturally, we are here to assist. If YOU want to share yours with the women in our community, please email us! 

First let me start off by sharing my most recent labor experience (this is Carolina by the way, FPC co-founder and now mother of three).

I had anticipated going into labor early the whole pregnancy given that it was my third even though both my previous babies came on their due dates (or a few hours after their due date). I started feeling increasingly uncomfortable three days before the actual due date and I thought for sure that I was in early labor. So, I walked in to my OBGyn and demanded to be checked. And, nothing had changed since the last appointment. I walked right back to the studio and took another Signature class. Same thing happened the day after and then the day after that we were at my due date. I decided to take the day off and my husband and I arranged for the nanny to take the big kids all day while we stayed in, watched Netflix (Casino!) and carbo-loaded. 

Fast forward tp 3:30am and I woke up with some pretty strong contractions. FUN FACT: According to a doula talk I just went to, most women go into labor in the middle of the night because that is when your cortisol levels are at their lowest, allowing for the oxytocin to be released which in turn bring on the contractions. My husband being nervous he would have to deliver the baby at home (my second baby came 20 minutes after we got to the hospital) called an Uber right away and we were off to NYU. 

At the hospital I was put in a bed in triage right away and the resident doctor checked my dilation which was at 3-4cm and progressing quickly with some contractions being two minutes long and only about 1.5 minutes apart. They admitted me and gave me a birthing suite. Within an hour I was 7cm dilated and I was fairly certain I was going to give birth at any time. Not true! Even though my contractions were stronger and longer than ever I would not progress more than 7cm during the next two hours. We tried many different positions, meditating, breathing but nothing worked. My doctor checked me again and realized the baby was posterior and advised me to lay still on my right side with a peanut birthing ball between my legs to allow my pelvis to keep opening up. I could not bear the pain of not being able to move during the contractions and yelled for an epidural. It was the best decision I made during my whole labor! It allowed me to get some rest while baby got a chance to spin around in the birth canal. Not even two hours later I felt the pressure and knew it was time to go. 

My doctor just made it in as I began pushing and this is pretty much when the story ends because I pushed once, and then on the second push he was completely out and our family had another baby boy to love! 

No tearing, no stitches, no bruising and I am forever grateful for all the hard work I put in during my pregnancy to keep my core and pelvic floor in shape with the help of the #pumpandkegel. 

Now I want to hear all your stories! Email them to and we will share them monthly right here on our blog. 

Much love,