Not All Pre/Postnatal Certified Trainers Are Created Equal

December 20, 2018

Part of the impetus behind starting FPC was that our co-founders, Joanie and Carolina, personally experienced a wide range of discrepancy while working with “pre/postnatal certified trainers” during their own pregnancies. If you have taken classes outside of FPC, you have probably noticed lots of contradictory modifications from your trainers.

There is no overseeing agency that regulates the fitness industry. There are hundreds of different organizations to get certified through and while they do overlap in information, they tend to vary in terms of testing, training, and committing themselves to providing the most up to date research.

That’s just general fitness. Pre and postnatal gets even less attention. Anyone can develop a certification, charge money for it and hand trainers a piece of paper that “certifies” them to train pregnant and postpartum women. Sometimes a certification program is 2 hours, sometimes it takes 4 months.

When it comes to finding trainers for FPC, we are looking for a very specific list of credentials to ensure you are taking class with the most knowledgable trainers in the industry. Our team is small for that very reason. It’s been extremely difficult to find qualified trainers.

There is one certification that we can fully trust and we’re excited to be partnering up with them. Fit for Birth (FFB) teaches corrective exercise and functional movement with the understanding that all women are different. FFB is devoted to staying up to date on the most current research and passing that information down to all their trainers.

We want more Fit for Birth certified trainers so we’ve created a FPC + FFB mentorship program 

Fit For Birth is introducing a new way to take their bundle course experience that comes with ongoing support from them as well as FPC, to make sure you have the most impactful learning experience on the market!

If you have interest in a career in pre/postnatal fitness, or you are a life long learner and want the most up to date information on this topic, we’d love for you to take advantage of this opportunity. The more people who have the correct information, the stronger all new moms will be!

If you have questions, please reach out to Joanie at: .


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Open enrollment runs through January 7th. and space is limited.

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