Meet our Co-Founders

November 10, 2017


  You know they are passionate about all things pregnancy, fitness and community.     But what makes them tick outside of FPC?


Joanie asking Carolina:

What’s your name? Carolina Gunnarsson 

Where did you grow up? In a small town two hours west of Stockholm in Sweden. Needless to say, I’ve come along way!

Favorite childhood meal? Pickled herring. I had quite strange childhood taste buds

Favorite adult meal? I am a vegan and a plant based food junkie. For a special treat the mac’n’cheese and guac burger from By Chloe. Favorite meal at home is my turmeric vegetable curry with quinoa and lentils, I have it probably two days a week!

Who do you live with? My husband, daughter, son, and a fish named Mine (on the weekends, that we spend on our upstate farm, we are also accompanied by our two barn cats, Princess Unicorn and Notch).

Best thing about being a mom? That you always have someone around who is genuinely happy to see you.

What do you do to relax? Ride my horse, meditate nd exercise. 

What did you want to be growing up? A fashion designer. However, I realized pretty quickly that I didn’t have the talent it took and switched over to fashion marketing which I worked in until I had my first baby.

Your favorite karaoke song? “Before he cheats” with Carrie Underwood when going solo and “I’ve had the time of my life” with Bill Medley and Jennifer Warner for a duet with my husband.  We are total karaoke junkies!

What’s the strangest thing that not a lot of people know about you? My dad won the world championship in weightlifting in the early 90’s.


Carolina asking Joanie:

What’s your name? Joanie Johnson

Hometown? Meyersdale, PA- a tiny rural town in southwestern PA. We’ve both come a long way!

Current location? Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Who do you live with? My husband, Micah, 1yr old daughter, Adina and the worlds greatest dog, Maurice.

Profession? I’m a pre/postnatal corrective exercise specialist and certified holistic health coach for moms and mothers-to-be.  Pre motherhood, I was a professional modern dancer for 9 years. 

Describe your perfect Saturday. In a perfect world, my husband would wake up with the baby and let me sleep in for another hour.  Then we would pack our gear, grab bagels, jump in the car and head upstate to spend the afternoon hiking.  We would get back to BK with enough time to grab sushi from Habino, our fav local sushi spot, and then spend the evening with a  glass of wine and whatever the Netflix binge of the moment is.  (Currently Stranger Things) 

Where would you be if you weren’t doing what you do today? I always wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher.  I would probably be teaching littles during the school year and running a dance studio in the summer while chasing around a coop full of chickens and garden full of organic veggies!  

Secret talent? It’s freakish. I can tie shoelaces with my long toes.  It’s totally not a functional talent as I can’t be wearing shoes to do it.  But, it’s so impressive!  It’s even recorded as a “special talent” in my HS yearbook.